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  • Introducing Jordan Wylie With Jordan Wylie

    Summary 8 Minutes

    Jordan, who is sponsored by Leader Connect, talks about his background, adventures and the challenges facing young people today.

  • Interview with Ben Dowman With Ben Dowman

    Summary 5 Minutes

    Ben Dowman shares ideas from his bestselling business book ‘Adventures in Coaching’, and explains the benefits of talking a coaching approach to leadership. He also explains why we need to avoid our natural tendency to listen either to ‘win’ or to ‘fix’ and instead listen to ‘learn’.

  • Interview with James Batchelor With James Batchelor

    Summary 7 Minutes

    Entrepreneur and technologist James Batchelor expands on some of the ideas in his popular Leader-Connect talk about ‘Sales and Leadership’.

  • Interview with Judith Cantrell With Judith Cantrell

    Summary 11 Minutes

    An interview with award winning author and team-development expert Judith Cantrell.

  • Interview with Macarena Vergara With Macarena Vergara

    Summary 5 Minutes

    An interview with global leadership and team coach Macarena Vergara in which she explains how coaching is relevant today in the world of leadership.

  • Interview with Paul Jones With Paul Jones

    Summary 6 Minutes

    An interview with Battery Commander Paul Jones on his time in the army, along with how leadership affected him throughout his time enlisted.

  • Interview with Sarah McEntee With Sarah McEntee

    Summary 4 Minutes

    An interview with UK breakfast radio host and leadership coach Sarah McEntee, in which she explains her thoughts on what leadership is.

  • Interview with Kelly Anne Sharp With Kelly Anne Sharp

    Summary 4 Minutes

    An interview with Voice and presence coach Kelly Anne Sharp in which she explains how important it is for a leader to take note of their voice and tone.

More from Neil Jurd
  • Neil Jurd
    TEDx – Pause and Allow With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 16 Minutes

    Speaking at Royal Russell School Croydon, Neil  describes how a pausing and allowing can be the key to resilience and success.

  • Leadership Basics With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 8 Minutes

    Any activity involving more than a few people, requires leadership. Leadership is the catalyst that makes things happen and any activity that involves more than a few people requires leadership.  In this video, Neil explains the basic leadership principles that can be applied no matter how big or small the team is.

  • Q & A with Neil Jurd OBE With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 7 Minutes

    A Q&A session with the Neil, the founder of Leader Connect and author of the Leadership Book.

  • The Importance of Silence With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 7 Minutes

    Leader Connect Founder, and author of The Leadership Book, Neil Jurd OBE talks about the importance of silence to bring out the best in leaders and their teams.

  • Leadership Defined With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 8 Minutes

    From Neil Jurd's Internationally renowned leadership & team development course

  • The Foundations Model With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 8 Minutes

    Neil Jurd talks about the Foundations Model, and how hidden factors effect visible performance.

  • From Stagnation to Excellence With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 11 Minutes

    How to develop a great team - from stagnation to excellence.

  • Great Engagement With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 7 Minutes

    Join Neil Jurd as he discusses personal connection, and what leaders can do to develop great engagement with their team.

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