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Mike Hamilton OBE


“I met Neil whilst he was facilitating a workshop on innovation and leadership. Not many people can hold a room, Neil effortlessly engaged me throughout and I would highly recommend Neil to any organisation wanting their staff or leadership team to be inspired and supported.”

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Leadership is the key to building great teams and directing vibrant and successful organisations. It is natural for people in senior positions to wonder how they can improve their own leadership ability and be more effective and successful in their work. This mastermind coaching will help answer that question by providing an opportunity to work and grow with other global leaders. You’ll be able to make connections, share challenges and triumphs, and have a safe forum to explore your personal leadership strategy. Whether you’re an entrepreneur conquering the world single-handedly or know there is more you can achieve in your chosen career, this is the group where you will uncover your excellence - there’s no better way to practice what we preach!



Paul is a senior leader at a large institution in the NW.  When we first met I asked Paul what mattered to him in life, and he said ‘work’.  Paul was very unfit, almost 6 stone overweight; he had no social life, was addicted to social media and was very lonely.  At work he was unhappy, with significant friction in most of his key working relationships.  He was angry with his immediate boss, and struggled to achieve recognition.


Over several years of coaching Paul’s life changes almost beyond recognition.  We focused on his whole life rather than his work life, helping him to live authentically as his true self.  His relationship with his boss improved beyond recognition, and his team’s morale went up significantly becoming a very high performing group.  I worked with Paul and his team to help them develop their purpose and to understand each other better.  As the coaching journey progressed, Paul became much more relaxed and at the same time more effective, achieving the recognition which had previously eluded him  was much happier and this was noted.  He was promoted to a position of greater responsibility, and selected for a senior Director appointment. 

Paul, Creative Director


Pam is the Chief Executive of a charity with workers in the UK and Africa, who attended one of my leadership courses – after which she asked for me to work with her as her coach.  Pam was extremely ‘busy’, but often with comfort work – she involved herself in the management of detail, but struggled to lead the organisation.  Within the organisation she struggled to exert a leadership effect, with a number of strong subordinates seeming to undermine her.


Over the course of several coaching sessions Pam learned to focus on leadership rather than management.  Pam began to focus on building the right team, and having a leadership effect on her organisation. We worked through how she could exert the right sort of influence over difficult subordinates, and over time she managed to do so – becoming comfortable with he own right and indeed the requirement that she exert influence over others

Pam, Chief Executive


Gregg is a senior leader in a secondary school.  When we first started working together Gregg was a Deputy Head Teacher, struggling to make an impact; in the shadow of a dominant Head teacher and a very effective fellow Deputy Head.  Gregg felt very much like a token member of the senior leadership team.  In his spare time Gregg felt overcommitted, and his life was out of balance; he was overweight, and had the beginnings of serious medical issues.



Following a framework of half-termly coaching sessions, Gregg is now a very successful Head Teacher – who leads a happy and dynamic school.  Gregg has moved from being almost ‘unseen’, initially establishing his impact in the old team, and ultimately moving up to take over the headship.  Gregg looks forward to coaching sessions, as they help him to prioritise and order his thinking.  And he finds the element of leadership training that goes with my coaching sessions very useful, as it gives structure to our discussions.  We focus a great deal on his role as a leader, and the need to stay out of the comfort zone of managing the detail.  This is a common theme amongst senior leaders who have come through the ranks of their organisation. 

Gregg, Head Teacher