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The Leadership Book

A step by step guide to excellent leadership

The “CPD Accredited” Leadership Book by Neil Jurd, has been written to encourage and enable effective leadership. Leadership is a simple but powerful concept which anyone with an open mind can apply. Leadership is about knowing where you are going and recruiting others to help. Leadership can be learned and anyone who chooses to work to improve their leadership will be able to do so. Better leadership means happier teams, and better output.

An Essential Guide to Leadership

An Essential Guide to Leadership

The Leadership Book is the essential guide to developing effective leadership and building great teams. The book presents leadership in simple and easy to apply sections and is suitable for leaders at all levels – from new team leaders through to CEOs, Headteachers and Commanding Officers.

In this book Neil shows that leadership is a simple concept, which can be learned and applied by anyone willing to learn and develop the skills. The book is based on the simple idea that leadership needs to be authentic – it is about just being yourself, but with skill.

  • The ease with which you breakdown what is a perennially difficult and ephemeral skill into accessible chunks is deeply impressive. I am pleased to see it becoming reference material for the Army, at all ranks.

    - General Sir Patrick Sanders – Chief of the General Staff, MOD

  • This book now sits within easy reach on my desk, ready to grab at a moment’s notice. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in leadership, from senior leaders to those just starting out on their journey. There really is something for everyone and I would even go so far as to challenge any so called ‘seasoned’ leader not to pick up this book and discover something new.

    - Captain Verity Duncan - Centre for Army Leadership

  • Jurd treats you like an intelligent adult. He avoids jargon, and the book is incisive, with no padding. This makes it both a short and a long read. This is a practical, useful little book that will be staying on my desk so I can keep referring to it. It’s very rare that I find business books on leadership and influence I read more than once, but this will be a staple for years to come.

    - Sian Davies – Wavell Room

  • After spending many years in the military, I experienced both sides of the leadership coin. Leaders who lived the term ‘serve to lead’ and had nothing in mind but developing those that were in their charge. This book delves deep into what it takes to be an excellent leader, I wish I had a copy at the beginning of my career.

    - Simon Harmer - The Amputee Swimmer