Mastering Leadership

How to Coach Team Members

Neil Jurd OBE
Mastering Leadership

Mastering Leadership

Neil Jurd OBE

Neil Jurd OBE

About the presenter

Neil Jurd is a global expert in leadership development. He is the Founder of Leader Connect, and author of The Leadership Book – the bestselling handbook to leadership and team development. His articles on leadership and team development regularly feature in international business publications and he is often a guest on leadership podcasts.

A former Army Officer, Neil Jurd is the volunteer head of Army Cadet Force officer training. He has an MA from Cranfield University, is Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Lancaster University. He was awarded the British Citizen Award in 2020 and was appointed OBE in 2021.

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How leaders can coach team members to increase performance and engagement

Why coaching encourages creativity and engagement.

How the “Coaching Cone” can guide others to focus on priorities and reality.

Why leaders who control and direct get less engagement and enthusiasm than those who use coaching to enable others to think and decide.

How to use a simple and effective coaching structure which any leader can easily apply.

What questions you can use in coaching to help others solve complex issues and commit to action.

Why leaders should coach, rather than giving detailed direction to their team.

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