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More from the Visible Leader Podcast
  • How to Turn Your Strategic Vision into Reality with Monte Pederson Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 52 Minutes

    Are you struggling to turn your vision into reality? Learn how to become an execution-focused leader and drive results in your organisation.

    Monte Pedersen is dedicated to helping organisations manage their strategy execution - he wants this to be a competency within every one of his clients.

  • Performance Without Appraisals with Ben Simpson Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 57 Minutes

    Ben Simpson works with leaders and their teams to create better relationships, improve trust, increase autonomy and ditch bureaucracy.

    He very much sees that you perform best when you're happy in your work.

  • From Rehab & Jail to Leadership Success: An Entrepreneur’s Journey with Joseph Zeppilli Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 54 Minutes

    Joseph Zeppilli went from jail and rehab after growing up in the ghettos of Montreal, to running a business that has become one of the largest popcorn manufacturers in North America.

  • Debunking Myths of Resilience with Dr Lee Williams Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 58 Minutes

    Dr Lee Williams is a behavioural scientist with 30 years experience helping organisations improve productivity and performance. He's done this work across many companies – including American Express, Tesco and Dupont. In this episode we look at Resilience with science-backed insights.

  • Revolutionising Bureaucracy – Tactics for Lasting Change with Marina Nitze Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 52 Minutes

    Marina Nitze is an author and a crisis engineer. She co-authored Hack Your Bureaucracy with Nick Sinai, it contains over 50 tactics, each with real-world examples, for making lasting change in bureaucracies from PTAs all the way up to the White House and Fortune 500 companies.

  • Overcoming Adversity: A Journey from Depression to Outdoor Cooking Mastery with the Fell Foodie Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 60 Minutes

    Harrison Ward is better known as Fell Foodie. He's an inspirational speaker, outdoorsman and cook who loves to recreate restaurant-style meals on minimal equipment (usually a camp stove) in remote locations.

  • Navigating Change – Leadership Wisdom in Education with Glyn Potts Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 37 Minutes

    Glyn Potts is the Headteacher of Saint John Henry Newman Catholic College in Oldham. Newman is a large secondary school serving a diverse community where 43% of students are in receipt of 'Free School Meals.'

  • Carrie Goucher – Can you really fix modern-day meeting gridlock? Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 55 Minutes

    Carrie helps people transform meetings and meeting culture. She has redesigned how we meet for the collaborative era, crafting meetings that are honest, focused, supportive and energising. Carrie's PhD created an evidence-based framework for what underpins meeting success (spoiler alert: it's not having an agenda) and her research was described as 'game-changing for meeting science'.