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More from the Visible Leader Podcast
  • Process Before (almost) Everything Else: Transforming Leadership with Samuel Drauschak Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 34 Minutes

    I recently sat down with Samuel Drauschak to explore what process-driven leadership really means – and how you actually build empathy and connection if you get it right.

    Listen out for the question he suggests you ask your people if you want to get more of the RIGHT things done.

  • Five Common Leadership Development Mistakes and How to Avoid Them with Walt Morgan Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 34 Minutes

    In this episode I chat with Walt Morgan. As a certified coach, former Navy Commander, and university lecturer, Walt specialises in helping people develop their leadership skills on both personal and professional fronts. Walt's seen it all and has some sharp insights on the common slip-ups leaders make.

  • How to Silence Your Inner Critic with Julie Smith Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 37 Minutes

    Julie Smith is a sought-after coach who has been supporting leaders and teams to grow their impact for three decades. A 15+ year corporate career with Mars and PepsiCo gave Julie first-hand experience of what it takes to succeed in a demanding, fast-paced organization.

  • The Power of Weekly (Yes Weekly!) 1-2-1s with Dr Steven Rogelberg Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 31 Minutes

    Dr. Steven Rogelberg is an organizational psychologist whose award-winning research into meetings led to the publication of the highly successful book The Surprising Science of Meetings.

    And again, he's taken that research-based approach with his latest book – the excellent Glad We Met: The Art and Science of 1:1 meetings.

  • What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It) with Dr Nia Thomas Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 36 Minutes

    Dr Nia Thomas is a thought leader in self-aware leadership and practices self-aware leadership every single day in her role as Director in a Children's Charity.

    She has an allergic reaction when she hears the phrase 'you shouldn't care what anyone else thinks'.

  • How to Turn Your Strategic Vision into Reality with Monte Pederson Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 52 Minutes

    Are you struggling to turn your vision into reality? Learn how to become an execution-focused leader and drive results in your organisation.

    Monte Pedersen is dedicated to helping organisations manage their strategy execution - he wants this to be a competency within every one of his clients.

  • Performance Without Appraisals with Ben Simpson Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 57 Minutes

    Ben Simpson works with leaders and their teams to create better relationships, improve trust, increase autonomy and ditch bureaucracy.

    He very much sees that you perform best when you're happy in your work.

  • From Rehab & Jail to Leadership Success: An Entrepreneur’s Journey with Joseph Zeppilli Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 54 Minutes

    Joseph Zeppilli went from jail and rehab after growing up in the ghettos of Montreal, to running a business that has become one of the largest popcorn manufacturers in North America.