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Unlocking your Leadership Potential with Miriam Meima

Jon Rennie

Jon Rennie

About the guest

Jon is a business leader, author, podcaster, and speaker. He is co-founder, president and CEO of Peak Demand Inc., a manufacturer of critical infrastructure products for electric utilities.

He served as a U.S. naval officer on nuclear submarines and has close to 30 years leading industrial businesses in North America. The most important lesson he’s learned during these years is that leadership matters. He knows that strong leadership can make a significant difference in the performance of any organization.

He shares his thoughts and insights on business and leadership with a singular mission: to build a world with better bosses. His hope is that his books inspire you to look at leadership in a new light.

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Unlocking your Leadership Potential with Miriam Meima

Today, I’m joined by Miriam Meima, and we’re talking about Unlocking your Leadership Potential.

Miriam has been a coach & facilitator for over twenty years, dedicating her life to studying the overlap between business and psychology.  Miriam has coached founders and executives at hundreds of companies, including a dozen valued at over $1 billion.

Miriam works 1:1 with senior leaders, facilitates team offsites, and develops customized leadership development journeys for leaders at all levels.  Her specialty is helping people unlock the next level of performance while maximizing authenticity.

I’m excited to have her on the show to learn about Unlocking your Leadership Potential.

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