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  • Stories of Service Podcast hosted by Theresa Carpenter
    A voice for the voiceless with K. Denise Rucker Krepp Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 54 Minutes

    My next guest uses the power of language to speak out against systemic problems facing the Armed Services, with a steadfast dedication to shedding light in dark places.

    A consummate professional, her voice has led to far-reaching action, consistently delivering her points with respect and reverence for the organizations she’s calling on for change.

    She sets the example by supporting her positions with compelling arguments and factual information.

    K. Denise Rucker Krepp is an Army brat who started her career as a Coast Guard officer. She then served as a Transportation Security Administration attorney, Congressional staffer, federal agency chief counsel, adjunct professor, private sector lobbyist, and locally elected DC official.

    Krepp is currently the DC Ambassador for the Military Women’s Memorial and a National Maritime Historical Society Trustee.

    Find her here -

  • Gold Star Mother with Holly Higgins-Staudacher Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 55 Minutes

    Imagine taking the worst tragedy a parent can live through and using that story to inspire others and help them through their pain?

    That’s exactly what my next guest’s life work is now all about after her son was killed while serving in Afghanistan.

  • Air Force Mechanic turned Lawyer with Chris McGee Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 77 Minutes

    Think you can’t fix the system?

    My next guest embodies the warfighter spirit. Meet Chris McGee. A man who took on the defense industry inspired by his own survival story enduring a toxic work environment.

  • From Immigrant to Marine Lieutenant Colonel with Jose L. Montalvan Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 73 Minutes

    At the age of 11, Jose was sent on a 2,000-mile, month-long journey through three countries to come to America. He left behind the only family he ever knew to escape conscription in the Nicaraguan military and have a chance at a better life.

    This is one of those stories that illustrates why Theresa started this podcast. It’s about overcoming immeasurable odds and making things happen no matter what life throws at us.

  • Transformative leadership with Cheri Mason Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 51 Minutes

    Join Theresa as she talks to Cheri Mason, who built her distinguished career over a lifetime, making positive impacts routinely and persevering through adversity. We’ll discover what keeps her going and how you can, too.

  • Racing Helped Me Move Past PTSD with Mike Argo Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 54 Minutes

    Think you can’t fix your life? It's not easy. However, Mike shows how it’s possible even when you have been struggling with the most difficult experiences.

    His life is an inspiration. I was so struck by his ability to capture such hardships with vulnerable rawness but in a resilient and powerful manner. I knew he’d have a big impact on anyone who listens. Not many men can share this way while staying strong and grounded. Tune in and see what Theresa means.

  • Leader, Podcaster and Mental Health Warrior – Josh White Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 67 Minutes

    Josh’s story is one of survival against the odds. He’s battled an unhealthy relationship to drinking, depression, and even a near-death experience.

    Through all of these challenges, he has triumphed showing what’s truly possible when one believes in oneself and when they find the right support system.

  • I Help People Find Their Voice with Tony Taylor Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 56 Minutes

    Since I started my podcast 2.5 years ago, I knew one day I would host Tony Taylor. He literally speaks to those of us who felt silenced and could not speak up for themselves.  Now he helps others who are afraid to speak up and come forward with the tools to change their lives.