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Harrison Ward

The Fell Foodie

Harrison Ward

About Harrison Ward

Harrison Ward, perhaps better known as Fell Foodie, is an outdoor cook who loves to recreate restaurant style meals on minimal equipment (usually a campstove) in remote locations. He has a strong following across various social media platforms and has featured regularly in the media inc Countryfile Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Metro etc. He recently featured on the BBC in Dame Mary Berry’s latest series ‘Love to Cook’ and was named an Ordnance Survey Champion in 2020.

An interview with Harrison Ward

This interview is connected with Embracing Change

Overcoming depression

His life was very different just some short years ago. Struggling with a clinical depression first appearing in his adolescence, Harrison’s life spiralled out of control. At its worst he was consuming in excess of 20 pints daily, was a full time smoker and had ballooned in weight to over 22 stone. The end of a relationship and a personal breakdown lead to a major life change. Harrison is now over 6 years sober, has thrown himself into fitness and hiking and merged his passion for food into his new routine. He now regularly delivers talks at festivals, on podcasts, workplaces and as a keynote speaker about his personal battle with depression, suicidal thoughts and journey from an overweight, alcoholic, smoker to the fit, fell loving foodie he is today. His talk touches on moments of resilience, not being afraid to ask for help, change management and the power of the outdoors for mental and physical wellbeing.

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