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Dr. Victoria Carr

Dr. Victoria Carr

About Dr. Victoria Carr

Dr Victoria Carr is a mum, Headteacher, Reserve officer in the Intelligence Corps, author and TEDx speaker who focuses on the power of language and how we all have the power to change lives. She advocates that there is a social imperative for those in leadership positions to actively create opportunities for transformational interactions with others.

An interview with Dr. Victoria Carr

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She has lectured part time at Master’s degree level on a range of Leadership programmes across several universities. She has 2 MAs: one in Equality and Diversity, the other in Leadership and has just completed a third in recruitment of Army officers of the future. Her doctorate is in leadership and politics in the educational domain.

She has been a regular contributor across not just education but also the military training estate on subjects such as ethical leadership and moral disengagement, diversity and inclusion in leadership, resilience and overcoming adversity, social mobility, equality and role modelling. She has also been invited to contribute in the subject of leadership on a range of podcasts, in news interviews and through various blogs. She holds several academic Fellowships, and has just written her first book about leadership, Leading with Love, due to be published in November by Routledge.

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