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Media with Alex Staniforth
  • Head Above Water – An Ultra Documentary With Alex Staniforth

    Summary 25 Minutes

    Alex Staniforth is no stranger to overcoming challenges, both in the outdoors and everyday life, having survived the two biggest disasters in Mount Everest history as a teenager and suffered with mental ill health, epilepsy, a stammer and bullying since school.

    An adventurer, ultra-runner, author and charity founder, he is now the fastest person ever to climb all 100 UK county tops by human power and in 2020 he ran the National Three Peaks Challenge – covering 452 miles in just 9 days 12 hours.

  • Embracing Vulnerability With Alex Staniforth

    Summary 9 Minutes

    In this talk adventurer and endurance athlete Alex Staniforth talks about a life or death near miss experience exposing vulnerability and the positive effects it can have on you as an individual and a leader.

  • Interview with Alex Staniforth With Alex Staniforth

    Summary 7 Minutes

    An interview with adventurer and endurance athlete Alex, in which he explains his approach to vulnerabilities in his life.