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How To Get The Best Out Of People As A Leader

One of the most common problems in leader and subordinate relations is conflict.

This article explores the dynamics of conflict, highlighting its antecedent conditions, and ethical considerations. Most conflicts arise because people do not understand each other. It is natural for people to assume that everyone thinks and feels like them, or that everyone has the same level of knowledge about things.

This is why people working in a team may think it strange that they have to explain something that seems so simple to them. Neil Jurd OBE is the author of The Leadership Book and offers many modern ideas from his LeaderConnect platform. His view on team and manager-subordinate is very unique.

Conflict takes place when leaders fail to ignore the differences between them and their team members due to which they place unreasonable expectations on them and become frustrated when they cannot meet their expectations. Such simple insights can lead to many positive changes in how leaders engage with people in their organization.

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