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How Leaders Can Dismantle The ‘Status Barrier’ At Work

A growing number of employees are quitting their jobs because of a toxic environment. One of the main factors is self-centered leaders who are more concerned about increasing their own status and power while keeping their team members at lower levels of the organization.

Such behaviors have a very negative impact as they discourage talented employees from contributing to the organization and promote mediocre work. Everyone in the company becomes preoccupied with power and defending their own interests.

However, there are ways in which this negative tide can be reversed and a more positive example can be set for managers to follow. Neil Jurd OBE who is the author of The Leadership Book and runs the LeaderConnect platform has written extensively about this challenge.

This article includes some of Jurd’s most illuminating ideas to make the workplace environment more collaborative, democratic and one where talent is rewarded instead of power.

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