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Neil appears on the “Taking Stock” Podcast with Mandy Johnston

Taking Stock with Mandy Johnston takes a global view of the big business stories and the trends affecting the world economy.

Each episode features experts on the big issues facing economies and societies across the world and the direction of the future economy.

This week on Taking Stock, Mandy Johnston explores a special investigation by the Financial Times that uncovered shocking allegations of sexual assault and harassment within a prominent London hedge fund company. The FT’s Antonia Cundy tells us more about the investigation and the fallout.

Mandy also dives into the captivating world of leadership discussing why figures like Trump and Boris Johnson remain popular. Neil Jurd, OBE, renowned author and former Army Officer shares his insights.

Plus, as Dublin Airport unveils its plans for massive expansion Ellie Donnelly from the Business Post and Paul Hackett President of the Irish Travel Association discuss the airport’s evolution and future plans.

Fast forward to 16 mins and listen to Neil and Mandy.

Taking Stock: Is the World of High Finance about to have its ‘MeToo’ Moment? on Apple Podcasts

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