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Building A Great Team – From Stagnation To Excellence

Do you want your team to be the best that they can be?

Neil Jurd‘s “Stagnation to Excellence” model is a great way to help your team reach their full potential. It is simple, easy to understand, and provides a roadmap for improvement. It can turn even the most hesitant leaders into great ones. It sets up a framework for strong leadership that everyone can implement into their own style of leadership.

Stemming from a strong military background, Jurd brings a fresh perspective to leadership. Jurd‘s “Stagnation to Excellence” model is a roadmap for improvement and with this model, you can communicate at a high level and achieve excellence as a team.

By following this model, you can create a Mission Command Culture in which your team is focused on achieving a Clear and Compelling Purpose. This will allow them to reach new heights and become an unstoppable force.

Learn more about Neil Jurd‘s “Stagnation to Excellence” model by clicking here.

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