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More from Matt Nunnerley
  • The Stress Vulnerability Model With Matt Nunnerley

    Summary 6 Minutes

    This video provides an understandable explanation as to why individuals have differing levels of ability to withstand stress and possible mental health issues, focusing on how we can self manage our resilience to stress and maintain our own wellbeing.

  • The PIN Model of Communication With Matt Nunnerley

    Summary 6 Minutes

    This video demonstrates how to approach conflict situations from a mediator's perspective, showing how to improve effective communication and achieve resolution to difficult cases

  • The Business Case for Mental Health in the Workplace With Matt Nunnerley

    Summary 20 Minutes

    In this video, Matt illustrates the need for organisations to recognise the hidden costs around mental ill health in the workplace, and best practice advice on how to maintain staff wellbeing and ensure good productivity in the workplace.