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Ben Dowman
Mastering Leadership

Mastering Leadership

Ben Dowman

Ben Dowman

About the presenter

Ben Dowman is a highly experienced psychologist, coach, consultant and author and has worked within organisational development for over 20 years. His areas of expertise are Leadership Development, Behavioural and Cultural Change and Team and Individual Coaching.  Ben is the author of Adventures in Coaching published by Nicholas Brealey / Hodder and Stoughton (2020) which introduces Coaching as an approach for managing people, improving performance and solving problems. 

Ben has worked with a number of clients directly or in partnership with other professional development providers which include Bosch, NHS, O2, Google, Network Rail, The Law Society, Airbus Group, Rothschild, Volkswagen Group, UBS and the UK Royal Air Force. 

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The Relationship between Coaching and Leadership

Author, psychologist and coach Ben Dowman explores the relationship between coaching and leadership and explains how leaders can use coaching to bring out the best in others.

How a coaching style of leadership brings out the best in others by empowering and encouraging engagement. 

Why a directive style can lead to low engagement and poor performance. 

The negative impact of directive leadership. 

Why we struggle to fully engage in listening.   

What neuroscience tells us about the power of asking questions.   

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