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More from Heidi Dawson
  • Setting Expectations With Heidi Dawson

    Summary 6 Minutes

    In this short video, Heidi describes a quick and impactful exercise to set expectations with your Team as a Leader.

    Following on from Heidi's previous video "Performance Enabling", this video outlines the benefits that can be obtained from conducting this exercise - you just need a flipchart, some pens and Post-it notes.

    The benefits of this session are:

    Encourages Team Collaboration
    Transparent Expectations
    Encourages Ideas
    Creates Accountability for the Leader and the Team.

  • Introduction to Performance Enabling With Heidi Dawson

    Summary 11 Minutes

    Heidi Dawson discusses an overview of strategies to enhance individual and overall team performance. Great Leadership means happy teams, better output and, on a greater scale, a better world. In this first video of her series, Heidi focuses on the practical side of leadership.  This session will provide an overview of performance enabling and some practical ideas to use to empower individuals and teams to perform.