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  • Powerful Public Speaking with Aysha Iqbal With Aysha Iqbal

    Summary 15 Minutes

    Do you want to be a more powerful public speaker? Being impactful in your public speaking has a great impact on your career opportunities, professional and personal success. What’s more, public speaking is one of the most in demand communication skills of our current times.

  • What Islam Means to Me with Aysha Iqbal With Aysha Iqbal

    Summary 9 Minutes

    Is Islam a religion of hate, intolerance and fundamentalism? Definately not according to Aysha Iqbal, a former BBC/ITV news anchor who has been studying the faith for over two decades.

    In this video, Aysha shares her insight into the spiritual aspect of Islam and the valuable lessons she has learnt from the Quran through her study of a religious scripture that is growing in worldwide popularity despite large scale negative coverage in the mainstream media.