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Team Subscriptions

Access to the full Leader Connect Video Library

Team Subscriptions

Help your leaders become the best they can be with a team subscription to Leader Connect.

We offer team subscriptions to our library of leadership videos to help as many of your team leaders get access to expert advice as possible.

With our bespoke plans you can find a team subscription service that works for you.

We offer tailor-made plans for over 25 team members.

Enquire about a bespoke team subscription

A successful organisation has many leaders, guiding it in the right direction. If you want to guide your team and help builds the effectiveness of your leaders, give them access to the Leader Connect streaming service with a team subscription.

We can cater for teams of up to 400 leaders. Get in touch and give us an idea of how many accounts you require and we can put a bespoke subscription model together for you.