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Great leadership can be learned. Anyone who chooses to work on improving their leadership skills, will be able to become a great leader.

Our leadership video subscription allows you to have access to regular content from leadership experts. With access to our videos, you will receive guidance on how to become a great leader, how to communicate effectively with your team, and how to build on the leadership skills you already have.

Our videos are short and to the point. You will be guided on topics including mental health and wellbeing, identifying personalities within teams, providing support for your team, and how to overcome issues. All our videos have been curated with some of the top leaders in the country and beyond. Our presenters have experience in leading military operations, delivering effective leadership courses to major companies, and in some cases saving lives. Better leadership means happier teams and better output.

How you will benefit

  • Improved Communication

    Leaders should always be able to communicate effectively. The best way to achieve things beyond your own capabilities is by engaging with others intellectually and emotionally. Our videos focusing on communication will help you improve communication with your team, and therefore help achieve the goals your team sets out to achieve.

  • Courage to lead

    Some leaders find themselves in a position of leadership almost by accident. They step up the ranks in the workplace by being good at what they do and then all of a sudden have a team who look up to them, to guide and shape. By having self-knowledge and self-control you will gain the courage to lead that team.

  • Understanding Leadership

    Leadership and management so often go hand in hand. However there are key differences and these leadership videos will help you understand what true leadership means, and how to achieve great leadership of your team. In our videos leadership relates to people, and management resources, and to build an effective team and organisation, the two have to work hand in hand.

Bespoke Team Subscriptions

Are you a large organisation with a team of leaders? Do you want to encourage and enable effective leadership within your organisation? Help your team become great leaders, and  take your organisation to the next level with Leader Connect.

Our leadership videos cover an array of topics, in an easy to digest, bitesize format. Allowing your team to watch them at their leisure. The perfect addition to your teams’ learning profiles. Get in touch today to discuss the options for a bespoke package for your organisation.

Don’t forget, our leadership courses are perfect for helping your leadership team go to the next level too.

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