Neil Jurd Leadership Training – Monthly Subscription

£97.00 / month

Every leader starts off a little shaky!

Leadership is an essential skill, but many managers end up becoming accidental leaders, feeling completely overwhelmed by their position and what is expected of them.

What I am certain of is that leadership can be learned. Over the years I have helped hundreds or maybe even thousands of managers to become leaders, and some of the transformations in impact and confidence have been remarkable. The most important thing is to be open to development.

Put simply, being open to development WILL ensure you become a more effective leader.

It’s time for you to go from Technical Expert to Inspiring Strategist

Teams rarely occur naturally; they need to be built under the right conditions to be effective. With proven strategies and frameworks, you can learn to become the leader you aspire to be!

  • 30 High Quality Videos
  • Study at your own pace
  • Videos available 24/7, anywhere*
*(WiFi dependent)


Neil has trained 1000’s of leaders both in the army and in industry. He is a passionate believer in good leadership. Effective, inclusive and kind. He aims to make a positive difference in the world by helping people to lead more effectively. Leadership is always a positive force; bringing out the best in people in pursuit of a greater good. He differentiates between leadership on one hand, which he considers to be positive and honest, and Manipulation and Dominance on the other – which prosper like weeds in the absence of true leadership.