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More from the We Lead Well Podcast
  • Leadership Is Still Easy with Neil Jurd Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 68 Minutes

    Today, we welcome back Neil Jurd, a leadership expert and founder of Leader Connect. Neil shares his wisdom on how leadership can be made easy by focusing on direction and connection. Learn about the Leader Connect platform, a valuable resource for professional development, providing curated leadership videos and podcasts to empower your staff.

  • Harnessing the Power of Coaching in Education with Yasmin Arif Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 60 Minutes

    In this insightful episode of the 'We Lead Well' podcast, Vicki talked with Yasmin Arif, a former teacher and school leader turned coach, recounting her journey from burnout to empowering school leaders.

    The episode takes a deep dive into the challenges faced by school leaders and how effective coaching can be instrumental in overcoming them. It underscores the need for transitioning from mere instructive approaches towards empowering a thinking environment within schools focusing on the work of author Nancy Klein in promoting effective thinking environments in schools.

  • Navigating Change – Practical Advice for Everyday Leadership Challenges with Bukky Yusuf Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 78 Minutes

    Bukky Yusuf is a Deputy Headteacher, Consultant and Qualified Coach.

    Bukky has worked in education for over two decades and has undertaken a number of leadership roles within mainstream and special schools, centering around professional development programmes, quality first teaching and effective implementations of Educational Technology.

    As part of her commitment to increase diverse leadership within education, Bukky participates with a number of initiatives including WomenEd and BAMEed.

    Bukky’s keenness for education and the impact that educators can make is reflected in the presentations that she delivers at local and national levels. Furthermore, Bukky supports the development of educators at all levels and promotes projects that help colleagues to maintain their well-being.

    On this episode, Bukky and I talked all things education with a focus on change management and building relationships.

    If you would like to explore how 1-1 coaching, group coaching or team coaching could support your wellbeing and that of the leaders in your school and support leadership development, let's have a chat.  I can also provide coach training and difficult conversations training and help you to create a coaching culture in your school.

  • In Pursuit of Balance Through Boundaries with Annabel Jeffcoate Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 67 Minutes

    Annabel is a work-life balance coach from London. Years ago she would write to-do lists as long as her arm and kick herself each day when she didn't get through them. She would put in the extra hours yet always felt like she was chasing.

  • Phil Denton – Self-evaluation Simplified Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 76 Minutes

    After many years in school leadership including positions as Headteacher, Deputy Head, Assistant Head and Head of History, Phil is now a leader for education companies based in Manchester and London.

  • Being happy: creating positivity and wellbeing in the workplace with Dave Keeling Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 77 Minutes

    In this episode of the podcast, I chatted with Lead Happiness Consultant, Dave ‘Billy Elliot’ Keeling. Dave grew up in a pit village in Nottinghamshire and was tap dancing three times a week by the age of ten.

  • Finding Balance with David Harkins Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 72 Minutes

    In this episode, I talked with David Harking of 8 Billionideas. David is the Founder and CEO of this EdTech and services company and is on a mission to give every student the skills and belief to change the world.

  • Best Practice in the Early Years Foundation Stage with Michelle Hague Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 73 Minutes

    In this episode Vicki and Michelle discuss Best Practice in the EYFS and how do you get it right from the start