Online Leadership Development Course

A flexible approach to bettering your leadership skills

Similar to our Leadership Development Programme, this is a 6 month course suited to leaders at all levels, undertaken online and delivered by a team of experts.

This is a transformational 6 month course that will suit all leaders, delivering new skills and knowledge to them so they can build a better team. Supported by excellent course material, leaders who take this course don’t have to worry about being away from your team for long or travelling far from home.

About the course

About the course

As with our other Leader Connct courses, the activities and content from this online leadership course is taken from Neil Jurd’s The Leadership Book, and delegates will receive a signed copy of the book. The course is fully online spanning a 6-month period and can be adjusted to suit a client’s budget.

Online course

This 6 month course will see you completely engaging, challenging and fun activities with the help of your leadership experts. It is supported by superb material, based on content from The Leadership Book. There will be three idividual online coaching sesisons, with support throughout the 6 month period.

Module 1

Online seminar

  • Introduction to leadership

Module 2

Online seminar

  • Building strong teams

Module 3

Online seminar

  • Workplace and team culture

This course is designed to fit around your needs and help your leaders build better skills from the comfort of their own home or workplace. By signing up for the online leadership course they will receive 6 months coaching from a team of experts.

Whilst the format of our online leadership course can be adjusted to suit a client’s budget and requirements, usually the course includes:

  • Online Course Launch
  • Copy of The Leadership Book
  • Full Access to Leader Connect video streaming platform
  • Initial Coaching Session
  • Central Online Session – Introduction to Leadership
  • Mid Course Coaching Session
  • Central Online Session – Building Strong Teams
  • 180 feedback based using our exclusive tool linked to the Leadership Book
  • Final Central Online Session – Culture
  • Final Coaching session

Recent feedback about The Leadership Book:

  • A must for those wishing to develop leadership in themselves and others.

  • I am pleased to see it becoming reference material for the army, at all ranks.

  • Snappy leadership book, strongly recommended

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