Leadership Development Program (Residential - 12m)

A world class leadership development experience.

This highly engaging, transformational 12-month leadership course is suited to leaders at all levels. It is delivered by experts and is supported by excellent course material.

This course will see delegates undertake hands-on activities at residentials throughout the 12 month period, all the while receiving feedback from our team of experts.

About the course

About the course

All our courses are based on content in The Leadership Book, and all delegates on our courses are given a signed copy. This course is typically a 4-module residential course – spanning a 12-month period, formatted to suit a clients budget.

Residential course

All aspects of our residental leadership development programme are taken from The Leadership Book. Many leaders have found this to be a useful tool following their course to help further improve their skills. In addition to the book, the course contains 4 in-person challenging modules.

If you need help choosing your course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Module 1

A two-day residential course

  • Introduction to leadership
  • Understanding self courses
  • 360 profiling using an exclusive tool linked to The Leadership Book

Module 2

A two-day residential course

  • Leadership theory
  • Experiential learning
  • A leader's impact on others
  • Building a team

Module 3

A two-day residential course

  • Leadership theory
  • Experiential learning
  • Coaching as a leader
  • Bringing ideas together

Module 4

One day residential course

  • Final coaching session
  • Final leadership theory and practise
  • Certificate presentation
  • Graduation dinner

The leadership development programme also consists of coaching sessions to help you hone your skills and receive feedback from the experts, in addition to personality profiling. It truly is a course designed to cover all the bases, in a fun and engaging way.

The format of the programme can be adjusted to suit a client’s budget and requirements, but would usually follow this sequence:

  • Online Course Launch
  • Copy of The Leadership Book
  • Full Access to Leader Connect
  • Initial coaching session
  • Myers Briggs or 16 PF personality profiling
  • Residential Module 1 – a two-day introduction to leadership and understanding self
  • 360 profiling based using our exclusive tool linked to The Leadership Book
  • Residential Module 2 – a blend of leadership theory and experiential learning focussing on a leader’s impact on others and building a team
  • Mid-course Coaching session
  • Residential Module 3 – a blend of leadership theory and experiential learning, focussing on coaching as a leader and bringing together all the ideas on the course
  • Final Coaching session
  • Module 4 – Graduation Event – final leadership theory and practice session, with certificate presentation and graduation dinner.

The residential modules of the course are popular with delegates and highly effective.


The 360 Feedback and Psychometrics

We use a bespoke 360 tool based on The Leadership Book. We also have a 180 feedback tool, and use psychometric tools including Myers Briggs, 16 Personality Factors.  Feedback is delivered by our expert team.

Recent feedback from our popular residential courses

  • The balance of theory and practical sessions was great

  • The practical sessions really helped me to understand the huge impact effective leadership can have on a team

  • Getting feedback on my leadership really improved my confidence and gave me positive actions to work on

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