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Bespoke Leadership Courses

Drive change and develop robust leadership

Leadership is an essential skill, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your position and what is expected, hone that skill with our leadership courses.

Each of our leadership courses are based around The Leadership Book by Leader Connect founder, Neil Jurd. Join us as we bring the ideas to life through projects that will help you think and feel like the leader you want to be.

Leadership Courses Delivered by Experts

Delivered by experts and designed to help you get the most from yourself and your team, our courses will give you the skills you need to become a better leader. We offer you hands on activities and experiences that help you understand the world of leadership better. There will never be a boring minute during our courses, as you take in all you need to know from the experts who have been there and done the job.

Our team of experts have a huge range of experience from Military leadership to working within large corporations and small operations.


Course Options

Leadership Development Programme

Senior Leadership Programme

Gold Standard Leadership Course

Platinum Standard Leadership Course

Online Leadership Development

What You'll Achieve

By taking part on one of our leadership course options, you will become more aware of what it takes to be a great leader, in a way that you can bring to your role in a comprehensive way.

Our exclusive profiling tools will help you know yourself better and how to understand the different personalities you will find as you make your way through your leadership journey. You will learn the theory behind leadership and how best to build a team. All through exercises you can implement in your everyday role, and all helping you become the leader you want to become.

Remember, the leader does not have to be the cleverest, or most knowledgeable, person in the team. Take the time to listen and learn from those around you and harness the skills your team offers. With our leadership courses, you’ll be more aware of those skills and what they can bring to the table.

Feedback from our amazing clients

  • Such a valuable and insightful three days. I feel like it has already made a massive difference to my approach and built a really strong connection between me and the other attendees. It felt like something we really needed to do. You and Marcus have such a great, supportive and inspiring approach which really helped me to battle some demons and consider my development.

    - Mark Roberts - Sheffield University

  • I felt so reassured by the warm and open space that we created and that you and Marcus facilitated this week… I remembered my learnings and felt empowered to helicopter away from the detail.

    Thanks so much for facilitating a great few days. I had arrived with an open mind but had never imagined that I’d take so much away.

    - University of Sheffield Delegate

Register your interest

Whether you are looking for a residential or online course, you can find the right leadership course with Leader Connect.

Want to take your team to the next level? Register your interest and we can build a course around you and your organisations needs. Course modules can be adapted to suit your business model and the areas your leaders believe they are most in need of. And what’s more, you’ll gain access to the Leader Connect Online Leadership video streaming service.

    Frequently asked questions about our leadership courses

    Are these courses for organisations or individuals?

    These courses are for organisations, generally between 8 and 14 leaders would participate in the course.

    Do I need to do any pre-course work?

    There is no pre-course work although it would be worth familiarising yourself with the “Leadership Book” and the “Leader Connect” website and app before the first residential session.

    Will I receive a qualification at the end?

    There is a graduation dinner for the residential courses at which you will receive a Leader Connect course certificate signed by our founder, Neil Jurd OBE.

    Do you cater for special dietary needs?

    Yes. Our venues can cater for all dietary needs. We just ask that you inform us on the pre-course information sheet that we send out to you.

    How long does my access to the Leader Connect videos last?

    Your account will remain open but the video content will only be available for 12 months from the start of your course. If you wish, then the opportunity exists to purchase further access via your account.

    How do I book a course?

    To discuss your organisations needs please email, or complete the form on this page and we can get in touch.

    Who are these courses for?

    Current clients for the Residential Leadership Development programme include Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, University of Sheffield. Our online Leadership Development Programme is popular is in use with a range of organisations, including BDP/Port of Singapore, Oldham Learning, Independent Living Fund Scotland, and several schools and educational trusts.

    Who do you train?

    Anybody in a management or leadership position. Delegates range from relatively junior managers or department heads, through to directors, managing directors and chief executives.