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Neil Appears on “The Road To Rediscovery” Podcast hosted by Aubrey Johnson

Neil recently appeared on the Road to Rediscovery with Aubrey Johnson.

In Aubrey’s words:

Neil Jurd is a best-selling Author of The Leadership Book and the founder of Leader Connect – an online platform with scores of resources for learning how to become an Effective Leader.

Tune in, as Neil shares his near-devastation in getting injured when hit by shrapnel from a mortar bomb when leading soldiers in Iraq. Neil also talks about the importance of leaders leveraging each persons’ strengths and including them in most decision-making by getting their input and feedback. He also strongly advises leaders not to get too caught up in rank, title, and status.

You can learn more about Neil’s work, hear his TEDx speech, order his new book and more by visiting .

Listen as Aubrey and Neil discuss effective leadership and Neil’s experience as a leader:

The Road to Rediscovery – with Neil Jurd