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  • The Business Case for Mental Health in the Workplace With Matt Nunnerley

    Summary 20 Minutes

    In this video, Matt illustrates the need for organisations to recognise the hidden costs around mental ill health in the workplace, and best practice advice on how to maintain staff wellbeing and ensure good productivity in the workplace.

  • Tips for Health and Wellbeing for Leaders With Sean Molino

    Summary 13 Minutes

    In this video, Sean talks about how maintaining a good level of fitness and eating a good diet can have a positive effect on your wellbeing as a Leader.

  • Neil Jurd
    TEDx – Pause and Allow With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 16 Minutes

    Speaking at Royal Russell School Croydon, Neil  describes how a pausing and allowing can be the key to resilience and success.

  • Importance of Breath With Maude Hirst

    Summary 8 Minutes

    Did you know that how you breath is the way that you feel? In this video, Maude Hirst discusses the tools that you can use to help you feel calmer and more confident.

  • Using Meditation to Look After the Mind With Maude Hirst

    Summary 8 Minutes

    Maude discusses how Meditation can help us look after our minds, in this video from our Wellness series.

  • Limiting Beliefs With Macarena Vergara

    Summary 10 Minutes

    Macarena discusses the ways in which the beliefs we hold impact on our lives and how we can work through them to be better Leaders.

  • Embracing Vulnerability With Alex Staniforth

    Summary 9 Minutes

    In this talk adventurer and endurance athlete Alex Staniforth talks about a life or death near miss experience exposing vulnerability and the positive effects it can have on you as an individual and a leader.

  • The Foundations Model With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 8 Minutes

    Neil Jurd talks about the Foundations Model, and how hidden factors effect visible performance.

  • Knowing Yourself as a Leader With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 9 Minutes

    Join Neil Jurd as he discusses the importance of knowing yourself as a leader, knowing your leadership style, the importance of self-knowledge and self-control, and more.

  • Thinking Time and Reflection With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 6 Minutes

    Neil Jurd discusses why 'busy' organisations often lose direction, the danger of being too busy to think, and what you can do to cultivate an effective thinking space.

  • How to Lead Well Even Under Stress With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 8 Minutes

    Neil Jurd discusses what factors can have a negative effect on the performance of a leader, the impact of leadership and how leaders need self-control and more, in this video from our Communication series.

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