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  • Sally Orange – Endurance Runner, Adventurer and Mental Health Campaigner Hosted by Sarah McEntee

    Summary 30 Minutes

    Sally Orange is one of those rare people who are both inspiring but also totally relatable. She completely dispels the myth that you have to be 'superhuman' to achieve incredible things.

  • Leader Connect Launch with CEO Neil Jurd Hosted by Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 26 Minutes

    CEO Neil Jurd OBE discusses the launch of the new Leader Connect online platform.

  • Harrison Ward – Fells, Food and Finding Inner Peace Hosted by Sarah McEntee

    Summary 48 Minutes

    Food, mountains, mental health and an amazing journey from alcoholic to mental health warrior with Harrison Ward the Fell Foodie.

  • John Volanthen – Lessons From the Depths Hosted by Sarah McEntee

    Summary 40 Minutes

    Our guest on this episode is John Volanthen, the cave diver who alongside an incredible team of equally skilled divers rescued a Thai football team from a cave, in what can only be described as a miracle.

  • Mandy Hickson – Making decisions at 1,452mph Hosted by Sarah McEntee

    Summary 42 Minutes

    Mandy Hickson was the second woman ever to fly a Tornado GR4, with three combat tours of Iraq under her belt, she knows how to make decisions and how to make them quickly.

  • Dark Moments with Jordan Wylie Hosted by Sarah McEntee

    Summary 43 Minutes

    In this episode, Sarah McEntee talk to Jordan Wylie. We talk battles with pirates, lessons on leadership and dealing with the dark.

  • Judith Cantrell – Revolutionising Team Work Hosted by Sarah McEntee

    Summary 34 Minutes

    Judith Cantrell, Collaboration Specialist and Author discusses revolutionising team work. Another LeaderConnect podcast hosted by Sarah McEntee.

  • Dan Barcroft – Authentic Leadership Hosted by Sarah McEntee

    Summary 28 Minutes

    Sarah McEntee interviews Dan Barcroft of Sheffield University about authentic leadership and how to craft the perfect "Clear and Compelling Purpose". And why Percy Pig sweets are a wellness essential.

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The Leader Connect Podcast
  • You are getting it wrong if…. Hosted by Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 22 Minutes

    For a while it feels great, for a while we feel like we are achieving.  So why then do we so often feel like we are not leading well, the to do list never gets sorted, the team don't quite feel on board and you get home and fall asleep on the sofa?

  • 4 Simple Leadership Behaviours Hosted by Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 24 Minutes

    In this episode Neil and Sarah discuss the 4 VERY simple leadership behaviours you can develop right now to make your leadership better, more effective and easier... JUST 4!

  • The Difference between Leadership and Management Hosted by Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 15 Minutes

    In this episode Neil and Sarah explain the difference between leadership and management, why it matters and how to create the leadership versus management balance in your leadership style and in your team.

  • The Clear and Compelling Purpose Hosted by Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 18 Minutes

    The Clear and Compelling purpose (C&CP) is the simplest tool you can use to make a huge difference to you and your team immediately. In this episode Sarah and Neil explain what the C&CP is, how you create one, how you use it and why it's SO important.

  • Neil and Sarah Introduce Season 2 of Our Podcasts Hosted by Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 9 Minutes

    Season Two of the podcast is on its way! And it's better than ever. Leader Connect founder Neil Jurd and Sarah McEntee have teamed up to bring you actionable leadership wisdom in every single episode. Give this trailer a listen to find out what you can expect!

  • How to Become a Better Communicator with Aysha Iqbal Hosted by Sarah McEntee

    Summary 29 Minutes

    Aysha Iqbal is a communications expert and coach. With 18 years’ experience as a journalist both in radio and as a BBC News Anchor she has a wealth of wisdom, that you can adopt immediately, that will dramatically improve your ability to communicate. Coupled with Sarah McEntee's wisdom as a breakfast radio host, this is THE episode for anyone struggling to use their voice.

  • How Faith, Diversity and Sport Shape Leadership with Abbas Salihu Hosted by Sarah McEntee

    Summary 29 Minutes

    Abbas Salihu is a senior soldier in the British Army. Born in Nigeria, he played Judo for his country winning a bronze medal in the Commonwealth Games and continues to coach the Army's Judo Squad. In this episode we talk about service, sport, faith and diversity and the role they all play in successful leadership.

  • ‘I Didn’t Think I Was a Leader’ with English Kickboxing Champion Jess Roper Hosted by Sarah McEntee

    Summary 33 Minutes

    Jess talks about her amazing story growing up and how she became a Kick Boxing champion. The 29-year-old from Pett, who trains at Up-Grade Martial Arts in Bexhill, won the 2022 ‘Best Social Media Activity Award’ at the annual Sports for Schools conference in Nottingham.

The Visible Leader Podcast
  • How to Turn Your Strategic Vision into Reality with Monte Pederson Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 52 Minutes

    Are you struggling to turn your vision into reality? Learn how to become an execution-focused leader and drive results in your organisation.

    Monte Pedersen is dedicated to helping organisations manage their strategy execution - he wants this to be a competency within every one of his clients.

  • Performance Without Appraisals with Ben Simpson Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 57 Minutes

    Ben Simpson works with leaders and their teams to create better relationships, improve trust, increase autonomy and ditch bureaucracy.

    He very much sees that you perform best when you're happy in your work.

  • From Rehab & Jail to Leadership Success: An Entrepreneur’s Journey with Joseph Zeppilli Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 54 Minutes

    Joseph Zeppilli went from jail and rehab after growing up in the ghettos of Montreal, to running a business that has become one of the largest popcorn manufacturers in North America.

  • Debunking Myths of Resilience with Dr Lee Williams Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 58 Minutes

    Dr Lee Williams is a behavioural scientist with 30 years experience helping organisations improve productivity and performance. He's done this work across many companies – including American Express, Tesco and Dupont. In this episode we look at Resilience with science-backed insights.

  • Revolutionising Bureaucracy – Tactics for Lasting Change with Marina Nitze Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 52 Minutes

    Marina Nitze is an author and a crisis engineer. She co-authored Hack Your Bureaucracy with Nick Sinai, it contains over 50 tactics, each with real-world examples, for making lasting change in bureaucracies from PTAs all the way up to the White House and Fortune 500 companies.

  • Overcoming Adversity: A Journey from Depression to Outdoor Cooking Mastery with the Fell Foodie Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 60 Minutes

    Harrison Ward is better known as Fell Foodie. He's an inspirational speaker, outdoorsman and cook who loves to recreate restaurant-style meals on minimal equipment (usually a camp stove) in remote locations.

  • Navigating Change – Leadership Wisdom in Education with Glyn Potts Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 37 Minutes

    Glyn Potts is the Headteacher of Saint John Henry Newman Catholic College in Oldham. Newman is a large secondary school serving a diverse community where 43% of students are in receipt of 'Free School Meals.'

  • Carrie Goucher – Can you really fix modern-day meeting gridlock? Hosted by Corine Hines

    Summary 55 Minutes

    Carrie helps people transform meetings and meeting culture. She has redesigned how we meet for the collaborative era, crafting meetings that are honest, focused, supportive and energising. Carrie's PhD created an evidence-based framework for what underpins meeting success (spoiler alert: it's not having an agenda) and her research was described as 'game-changing for meeting science'.

The We Lead Well Podcast
  • In Pursuit of Balance Through Boundaries with Annabel Jeffcoate Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 67 Minutes

    Annabel is a work-life balance coach from London. Years ago she would write to-do lists as long as her arm and kick herself each day when she didn't get through them. She would put in the extra hours yet always felt like she was chasing.

  • Phil Denton – Self-evaluation Simplified Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 76 Minutes

    After many years in school leadership including positions as Headteacher, Deputy Head, Assistant Head and Head of History, Phil is now a leader for education companies based in Manchester and London.

  • Being happy: creating positivity and wellbeing in the workplace with Dave Keeling Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 77 Minutes

    In this episode of the podcast, I chatted with Lead Happiness Consultant, Dave ‘Billy Elliot’ Keeling. Dave grew up in a pit village in Nottinghamshire and was tap dancing three times a week by the age of ten.

  • Finding Balance with David Harkins Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 72 Minutes

    In this episode, I talked with David Harking of 8 Billionideas. David is the Founder and CEO of this EdTech and services company and is on a mission to give every student the skills and belief to change the world.

  • Best Practice in the Early Years Foundation Stage with Michelle Hague Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 73 Minutes

    In this episode Vicki and Michelle discuss Best Practice in the EYFS and how do you get it right from the start

  • Keren Mitchell of Superkind: Empowering Children to Shape a Better World Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 43 Minutes

    SuperKind is an award-winning, free platform for schools to bring social action and philanthropy into the classroom.  Their website and free resources can help you to create the next generation of change-makers in the easiest and most engaging way.

  • A Compassionate Approach to Leadership with John Cosgrove Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 79 Minutes

    In this episode of the show I'm joined by the brilliant John Cosgrove. After almost 40 years’ teaching John retired in the summer of 2019.  He still contributes significantly to the world of education and has so much to share and teach about the importance of compassion in leadership.

  • Liz Robinson – Nurturing Head, Heart and Hand in Values-led Education Hosted by Vicki Maguire

    Summary 77 Minutes

    In this episode of the podcast it was a pleasure and a privilege to interview the CEO of Big Education, Liz Robinson. Liz’s motivation comes from a profound belief that schools can play a transformative role in children’s lives, but also in shaping whole communities. Social justice and wider change underpin her views that school simply must be about the whole child, the whole family and the whole community.

The Frank and Stan Chat
  • The Frank and Stan Chat with Alun Davies and Bryn Llewellyn Hosted by Frank and Stan

    Summary 46 Minutes

    This week the gents chat with two colleagues who appeared on the show in October 2022.
    Big advocates of the physically active learning movement, Alun Davies and Bryn Llewellyn bring us up to speed with their recent work. The chat also includes a consideration of the leadership approach adopted by James Timpson, of the shoe repair business, which gives significant flexibility to local store managers.

    The chat then considers the importance of wellbeing and happiness for staff and pupils before moving on to the hot topic of school holidays and parents/carers being fined. The chat ends with Frank considering the lack of openness and transparency in the appointment of the government's attendance ambassador.

  • The Frank and Stan Chat
    The Frank and Stan Chat with Lisa Lea Weston Hosted by Frank and Stan

    Summary 37 Minutes

    This week Stan gets the chance to chat with a colleague with a vast range of experience in offering supervision support for education staff including senior leaders.

    Lisa Lea Weston is the founder of Talking Heads Supervision which has provided support to over 1000 schools across the country.

  • The Frank and Stan Chat with John Woodhouse Hosted by Frank and Stan

    Summary 35 Minutes

    Sometimes the Frank and Stan Chats connect with guests at just the right time. John Woodhouse, who set up and leads the Safeguarding Network, joined the two gents during a week when Ofsted announced changes to the way it intends to inspect safeguarding

  • The Frank and Stan Chat
    The Frank and Stan Chat with Sameena Choudry Hosted by Frank and Stan

    Summary 33 Minutes

    In a turbulent week for politics, Frank and Stan finally managed to secure the return of the brilliant Sameena Choudry the author and founder of Equitable Education back as a guest - she certainly didn't disappoint.

  • The Frank and Stan Chat with Sir David Carter Hosted by Frank and Stan

    Summary 41 Minutes

    Frank and Stan Chat No. 170: The Sir David Carter Returns Edition. Sir David Carter was a guest on Frank and Stan Chat in September 2022 and we were delighted to welcome him back to find out what has caught his eye this week.

  • The Frank and Stan Chat with Stephen McMullan Hosted by Frank and Stan

    Summary 40 Minutes

    It is great to have weekly chats with colleagues who know each other well and feel safe chatting about things. There is a higher level of trust and respect. This is certainly the case for this week's chat with Stephen McMullan.

  • The Identity Issue with Professor Andy Hargreaves Hosted by Frank and Stan

    Summary 39 Minutes

    Every week we usually have a great guest drawn from a range of roles involved in education. But, this week we have excelled ourselves by having as our guest Prof Andy Hargreaves, the visiting Professor at University of Ottawa, Research Professor at Boston College, an elected member of the US National Academy of Education and current adviser to the First Minister of Scotland.

  • The Community Edition with Dave McPartlin Hosted by Frank and Stan

    Summary 30 Minutes

    Dave, Headteacher at Flakefleet Primary School in Fleetwood has recently spoken out publicly about the current Ofsted arrangements and how these were impacting on his wellbeing as well as other senior leaders. He mentioned some work he was proud of at his school so we decided to record this week's Frank and Stan Chat in the school's new community cafe.

The Deep Leadership Podcast
  • The Deep Leadership Podcast hosted by Jon Rennie
    Unlock the Secrets of Effective Leadership with Monica Elgemark Hosted by Jon Rennie

    Summary 39 Minutes

    Today, I’m joined by Monica Elgemark, and we're talking about how to Unlock the Secrets of Effective Leadership. Monica is based in Sweden and has more than 20 years of leadership experience within the B2B and B2C markets in the Nordic region

  • The Deep Leadership Podcast hosted by Jon Rennie
    Mastering Body Language with Linda Clemons Hosted by Jon Rennie

    Summary 37 Minutes

    Today, I’m joined by Linda Clemons, and we're talking about Mastering Body Language.

    Linda is a charismatic speaker and corporate trainer with more than three decades of experience helping clients boost sales

  • What Employees Want from their Leaders with Joyce Wilson-Sanford Hosted by Jon Rennie

    Summary 37 Minutes

    Today, I’m joined by Joyce Wilson-Sanford, and we're talking about what Employees want from their Leaders. Joyce is an Executive Coach working with organizational development executives who are facing the challenges of a new kind of workplace.

  • Military, Corporate and Startup Leadership with Cary Sparrow Hosted by Jon Rennie

    Summary 37 Minutes

    Today, I’m joined by Cary Sparrow, and we're talking about Military, Corporate, and Startup Leadership. Cary is the founder and CEO of WageScape, which is the world’s largest and most comprehensive platform for real-time intelligence on the labor market.

  • Becoming Unflappable with Josselyne Herman-Saccio Hosted by Jon Rennie

    Summary 38 Minutes

    Today, I’m joined by Josselyne Herman-Saccio, and we're talking about Becoming Unflappable. Josselyne is a master coach in the Art Of Being Unmessable-with no matter what life throws at you.

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Michele Molitor Hosted by Jon Rennie

    Summary 36 Minutes

    Today, I’m joined by Michele Molitor, and we're talking about How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome. Michele is a speaker, author, executive coach, and hypnotherapist.

  • Effective Leadership Communications with Jacqueline Farrington Hosted by Jon Rennie

    Summary 40 Minutes

    Today, I’m joined by Jacqueline Farrington, and we are talking about Effective Leadership Communications. Jacqueline has over 20 years of experience as a change-maker, empowering leaders and their teams to spark transformation and innovation through communications.

  • How to be a Results Driven Leader with Vaughn Simon Hosted by Jon Rennie

    Summary 42 Minutes

    Today, I’m joined by Vaughn Simon, and we're talking about How to Be a Results-Driven Leader. Vaughn is the co-founder of Results-Driven Leadership. He is a leadership development expert, podcaster, and author. He has worked with hundreds of businesses, helping them deploy his programs and advice.

The Stories of Service Podcast
  • Stories of Service Podcast hosted by Theresa Carpenter
    A voice for the voiceless with K. Denise Rucker Krepp Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 54 Minutes

    My next guest uses the power of language to speak out against systemic problems facing the Armed Services, with a steadfast dedication to shedding light in dark places.

    A consummate professional, her voice has led to far-reaching action, consistently delivering her points with respect and reverence for the organizations she’s calling on for change.

    She sets the example by supporting her positions with compelling arguments and factual information.

    K. Denise Rucker Krepp is an Army brat who started her career as a Coast Guard officer. She then served as a Transportation Security Administration attorney, Congressional staffer, federal agency chief counsel, adjunct professor, private sector lobbyist, and locally elected DC official.

    Krepp is currently the DC Ambassador for the Military Women’s Memorial and a National Maritime Historical Society Trustee.

    Find her here -

  • Gold Star Mother with Holly Higgins-Staudacher Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 55 Minutes

    Imagine taking the worst tragedy a parent can live through and using that story to inspire others and help them through their pain?

    That’s exactly what my next guest’s life work is now all about after her son was killed while serving in Afghanistan.

  • Air Force Mechanic turned Lawyer with Chris McGee Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 77 Minutes

    Think you can’t fix the system?

    My next guest embodies the warfighter spirit. Meet Chris McGee. A man who took on the defense industry inspired by his own survival story enduring a toxic work environment.

  • From Immigrant to Marine Lieutenant Colonel with Jose L. Montalvan Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 73 Minutes

    At the age of 11, Jose was sent on a 2,000-mile, month-long journey through three countries to come to America. He left behind the only family he ever knew to escape conscription in the Nicaraguan military and have a chance at a better life.

    This is one of those stories that illustrates why Theresa started this podcast. It’s about overcoming immeasurable odds and making things happen no matter what life throws at us.

  • Transformative leadership with Cheri Mason Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 51 Minutes

    Join Theresa as she talks to Cheri Mason, who built her distinguished career over a lifetime, making positive impacts routinely and persevering through adversity. We’ll discover what keeps her going and how you can, too.

  • Racing Helped Me Move Past PTSD with Mike Argo Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 54 Minutes

    Think you can’t fix your life? It's not easy. However, Mike shows how it’s possible even when you have been struggling with the most difficult experiences.

    His life is an inspiration. I was so struck by his ability to capture such hardships with vulnerable rawness but in a resilient and powerful manner. I knew he’d have a big impact on anyone who listens. Not many men can share this way while staying strong and grounded. Tune in and see what Theresa means.

  • Leader, Podcaster and Mental Health Warrior – Josh White Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 67 Minutes

    Josh’s story is one of survival against the odds. He’s battled an unhealthy relationship to drinking, depression, and even a near-death experience.

    Through all of these challenges, he has triumphed showing what’s truly possible when one believes in oneself and when they find the right support system.

  • I Help People Find Their Voice with Tony Taylor Hosted by Theresa Carpenter

    Summary 56 Minutes

    Since I started my podcast 2.5 years ago, I knew one day I would host Tony Taylor. He literally speaks to those of us who felt silenced and could not speak up for themselves.  Now he helps others who are afraid to speak up and come forward with the tools to change their lives.

Beyond the Bottom Line with Anna Cook
  • Developing Holistic Leaders Hosted by Anna Cook

    Summary 49 Minutes

    Alice Beveridge of Tree of Knowledge is my guest today. We are talking about developing holistic leaders, and particularly about positive psychology and how this can be applied practically.

    Also about approaches to build resilience and signature strengths; and what action we can take for personal motivation and improved mindset to enjoy a better environment around us in the workplace.

  • Performance with Positivity – Better Results with Less Hassle Hosted by Anna Cook

    Summary 32 Minutes

    We go back 2 years to listen to one of Anna's favourite guests, James Bargeron. In this episode they discuss what it is like to work in high pressure sectors, the additional challenges faced and how to elevate performance while reducing stress, hassle - and time!

  • Corporate Wellbeing and Proactively Positive Management with Matt LeCann Hosted by Anna Cook

    Summary 23 Minutes

    Matthieu Le Cann, COO and Co-Founder of TVTY is my guest today, talking about Corporate Wellbeing and proactively positive leadership and management.

  • Leadership Development, Projecting Our Presence and Our Changing Priorities Hosted by Anna Cook

    Summary 35 Minutes

    It is great to have Mariela Dabbah back on the show. Her great experience and dynamic impact on women's career opportunities and leadership are always inspiring and make her a truly wonderful role model.

  • Positive and Inspiring Leadership and How that Makes a Difference with Corine Hines Hosted by Anna Cook

    Summary 40 Minutes

    Leadership can come in many colours and leadership styles even more so - positive inspiring leadership which goes beyond the bottomline can have distinct advantages to both leader and employees. Human growth leadership, something to emulate!

  • Leadership and Creating Cultures of Community with Charles Vogl Hosted by Anna Cook

    Summary 25 Minutes

    Today's guest is Charles Vogl – Author, speaker and advisor - thought leader for the Google School for Leaders and whose work is used to develop leadership worldwide for organisations such as Airbnb, LI, Amazon and the US Army.

  • Improving Leadership, Career and Life with Radical Mindfulness Hosted by Anna Cook

    Summary 30 Minutes

    Today we welcome Daniel Gutierrez, mentor, coach, motivational speaker, author and executive retreat owner (and previously extremely high-flyer and White House advisor) to talk about how we can enjoy our life, and improve our leadership and career success by using Radical Mindfulness!

  • Transformational Leadership and Team Development with Neil Jurd Hosted by Anna Cook

    Summary 31 Minutes

    Leadership comes in so many forms but being a great leader, a transformational leader, is what brings an organisation to life, giving vibrancy and encouraging team development and growth. Neil Jurd is an expert at this.

Knowing Self, Knowing Others Podcast hosted by Dr. Nia Thomas
  • The Leaders Guide to Knowing Yourself & Knowing Others Hosted by Dr Nia Thomas

    Summary 33 Minutes

    Not only is she wonderful to listen too, but she is the most incredible source of wisdom centering around emotional intelligence and the importance of knowing yourself first and then others.