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  • The Business Case for Mental Health in the Workplace With Matt Nunnerley

    Summary 20 Minutes

    In this video, Matt illustrates the need for organisations to recognise the hidden costs around mental ill health in the workplace, and best practice advice on how to maintain staff wellbeing and ensure good productivity in the workplace.

  • Introduction to Performance Enabling With Heidi Dawson

    Summary 11 Minutes

    Heidi Dawson discusses an overview of strategies to enhance individual and overall team performance. Great Leadership means happy teams, better output and, on a greater scale, a better world. In this first video of her series, Heidi focuses on the practical side of leadership.  This session will provide an overview of performance enabling and some practical ideas to use to empower individuals and teams to perform.

  • Understanding Different Perspectives With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 7 Minutes

    Join Neil Jurd, as he discusses how genetics and life experiences shape your view of any current situation, the ways different opinions can both be valid and useful and why understanding and valuing other perspectives increases trust and engagement within teams.

  • Honest Performance Conversations With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 12 Minutes

    Neil Jurd discusses why the best teams are comfortable having challenging conversations, how to structure performance conversations so they always go well and more, in this video from our Communication series.

  • How to Coach Team Members With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 12 Minutes

    Join Neil Jurd, as he discusses why coaching encourages creativity and engagement, how the 'Coaching Cone' can guide others to focus on priorities and reality, why leaders should coach, rather than giving detailed direction to their team and more.

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