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  • Powerful Public Speaking with Aysha Iqbal With Aysha Iqbal

    Summary 15 Minutes

    Do you want to be a more powerful public speaker? Being impactful in your public speaking has a great impact on your career opportunities, professional and personal success. What’s more, public speaking is one of the most in demand communication skills of our current times.

  • Introduction to Performance Enabling With Heidi Dawson

    Summary 11 Minutes

    Heidi Dawson discusses an overview of strategies to enhance individual and overall team performance. Great Leadership means happy teams, better output and, on a greater scale, a better world. In this first video of her series, Heidi focuses on the practical side of leadership.  This session will provide an overview of performance enabling and some practical ideas to use to empower individuals and teams to perform.

  • Limiting Beliefs With Macarena Vergara

    Summary 10 Minutes

    Macarena discusses the ways in which the beliefs we hold impact on our lives and how we can work through them to be better Leaders.

  • The Foundations Model With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 8 Minutes

    Neil Jurd talks about the Foundations Model, and how hidden factors effect visible performance.

  • Leadership and Management With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 5 Minutes

    In this talk, Neil discusses the importance of the interplay between leadership and management, describing the fundamental differences, and how a balance must be achieved.
    Neil explains the chaos that can occur if this is not achieved, and describes how much it can benefit an organisation to understand how to accomplish this balance correctly.

  • Different Leadership Styles With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 11 Minutes

    Avoiding the pitfalls of poor leadership, understanding the dangers of leaders meddling, how the best practitioner isn't the same thing as being an effective leader, and the behaviour of effective leaders - all this and more with Neil Jurd.

  • Organisational and Team Excellence With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 7 Minutes

    What are the three things that you’ll find in all high performing teams, which you can apply to optimise performance? Neil Jurd discusses this and more.

  • Trust and Mutual Understanding With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 7 Minutes

    How to build trust and mutual understanding in a team to build the best possible.

  • The SCARF Model With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 9 Minutes

    In this entertaining short talk, Neil Jurd discusses neuroscientist David Rocks’ SCARF Model, devised to help leaders form effective connections with people, avoiding negative relationships.

    This video will provide you with the information to create a safe environment within your teams and organisations.

  • Psychometric Profiling and Assessments With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 7 Minutes

    Three simple ways to get to know yourself better as a leader, how to gain self-knowledge in order apply your strengths and better control your weaknesses, and more from Neil Jurd.

  • Diversity and Inclusion With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 10 Minutes

    Neil Jurd discusses how a lack of diversity can limit your team's performance, fuelling creativity and increasing think power within teams through diversity and more, in this video from our Team Building series.

  • Honest Performance Conversations With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 12 Minutes

    Neil Jurd discusses why the best teams are comfortable having challenging conversations, how to structure performance conversations so they always go well and more, in this video from our Communication series.