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  • Powerful Public Speaking with Aysha Iqbal With Aysha Iqbal

    Summary 15 Minutes

    Do you want to be a more powerful public speaker? Being impactful in your public speaking has a great impact on your career opportunities, professional and personal success. What’s more, public speaking is one of the most in demand communication skills of our current times.

  • Leading From The Body With Lucy Nicholson

    Summary 10 Minutes

    In this 10 minute talk embodied communication specialist Lucy Nicholson talks you through the principles, theory and practice of embodied facilitation and leadership and delves into the importance of developing communication from our whole selves. Lucy is a senior lecturer at The University of Lancashire, Somatic Movement Educator and Laban - Bartenieff Movement Analyst and she explains:

    What embodied communication is.

    Why it is an asset to your organisation or professional practice.

    Some examples of how it can be used in different contexts .

    A simple bodily awareness exercise to get you started.

  • The PIN Model of Communication With Matt Nunnerley

    Summary 6 Minutes

    This video demonstrates how to approach conflict situations from a mediator's perspective, showing how to improve effective communication and achieve resolution to difficult cases

  • Constructive Communication With Macarena Vergara

    Summary 12 Minutes

    In this talk global leadership and team coach Macarena Vergara explains how leaders can understand and harness an understanding of the human brain in order to create great teams.

  • Grounding for Leadership With Kelly Anne Sharp

    Summary 8 Minutes

    Voice and presence coach Kelly Anne Sharp talks through a breathing and grounding exercise ideal not only before performing any leadership task, but any task involving engagement with others.

  • The Power of the Voice With Kelly Anne Sharp

    Summary 7 Minutes

    Voice and presence coach Kelly Anne Sharp talks through the general confidence required to be a leader, along with how communication skills and understanding of emotions can benefit leadership

  • Improving Team Communication With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 7 Minutes

    Neil Jurd's short talk describes the importance of effective communication in leadership, specifically highlighting the need to engage others both intellectually and emotionally to achieve leadership goals. He introduces John Powell's communication pyramid, and encourages leaders to operate at higher levels to strengthen relationships within their teams.

  • The SCARF Model With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 9 Minutes

    In this entertaining short talk, Neil Jurd discusses neuroscientist David Rocks’ SCARF Model, devised to help leaders form effective connections with people, avoiding negative relationships.

    This video will provide you with the information to create a safe environment within your teams and organisations.

  • Understanding Different Perspectives With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 7 Minutes

    Join Neil Jurd, as he discusses how genetics and life experiences shape your view of any current situation, the ways different opinions can both be valid and useful and why understanding and valuing other perspectives increases trust and engagement within teams.

  • Overcoming Barriers to Communication With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 8 Minutes

    In this engaging 8 minute talk, Neil Jurd discusses the complex stages of communication and the fundamental importance of effective communication in the world of leadership. Neil uses the example of a ‘Barriers to communication model’ to explain the route that messages take, helping leaders to understand the difficulty communication can pose in an organisation, and how this can be overcome.

    Improved communication in your organisation will lead to:

    • Enhanced efficiency due to stronger communication channels
    • Deeper understanding of the message causing improved engagement from your team
    • Clear communication causing improved effectiveness within the organisation

    We hope you find this talk to be useful in understanding how to communicate effectively within your organisations and teams.

  • Creating Positive Impact – Vision and Style With Neil Jurd OBE

    Summary 11 Minutes

    In this short talk, Neil Jurd explains the importance of explaining your vision clearly to your team, providing them with a clear and compelling purpose. He also emphasises the fundamental importance of leaders spending time fostering positive relationships with their team members to create a safe working environment.